Biomass | Nacogdoches Power Project

Biomass is the latest renewable energy source to be targeted by a Texas power company in the push to meet renewable energy targets. Austin Energy will seek approval to build a biomass power plant in Sacul, East Texas. Supporting their chances is a 20 year, $2.3 billion power supply agreement with Nacogdoches Power. Nacogdoches will construct, […] Read more »

Biomass | Plainfield Renewable Energy Biomass Plant

Tentative approval has been given by the state Department of Environmental Protection for a proposed woodburning power plant in Plainfield, Connecticut. It is planned that the Plainfield Renewable Energy Biomass Plant will burn construction and demolition debris, old wood pallets, brush and stump plus other scrap wood. The result is hoped to be the creation […] Read more »

Tidal Energy | OpenHydro Brings Open-Centre Turbine Online

It has been just over a month now, but OpenHydro has successfully connected its Open-Centre Turbine which is sited at the European Marine Energy Centre’s (EMEC) test site to the National Grid. The single 250kW turbine is powerful enough to supply electricity to 100 homes but it paves the way for a significant tidal power development […] Read more »

Tidal Energy | Pentland Firth Tidal Energy Project

A Dutch tidal device developer has recognised the potential in the Scottish waters and is planning a new tidal energy power plant in the Pentland Firth, hoping to begin development as early as the end of 2008. Tocardo has established a subsidiary company called Tocardo Tidal Energy with the plan to set up production, assembly and office […] Read more »

Tidal Power | Strangford Lough Produces First Electricity

Back in March we reported the preparation being done at Strangford Lough to test the viability of the SeaGen tidal device. News has recently come through on developments in the tidal power project. Tidal power has finally being added to the national grid at Northern Ireland’s Strangford Lough. The test of the SeaGen device operated […] Read more »

Tidal Power | Uldolmok Power Plant Completed

The first tidal power plant in Korea has been completed at Jindo Island, South Jeolla Province. The development is called the Uldolmok Power Plant and has been completed four years after its ground-breaking at a cost of $10 million. The 1,000-kilowatt plant will produce 2.4 gigawatt-hours of electricity annually. Power capacity will be expanded to […] Read more »

Tidal Power | Wando Hoenggan Waterway

An agreement has been signed to develop a huge tidal power field off the South Korean coast. The joint venture between Lunar Energy and Korean Midland Power Company will develop the tidal power plant in the Wando Hoenggan waterway at a construction cost of £500 million. The scheme will use power from fast-moving tidal streams […] Read more »

Tidal Energy | DeltaStream Tidal Turbines

The, as yet, under utilised renewable energy source sitting in the world’s oceans – I’m talking about Tidal Power – is about to draw another step closer to being tapped on a large commercial scale. The latest venture is a demonstration project in the Welsh waters that will be backed by renewable energy developer Eco2, […] Read more »

Tidal Power | Dolgaya Bay

I’ve seen an unconfirmed report that an 800MW tidal power plant is going to be built in Dolgaya Bay in the Kola Peninsula in Russia. A test tidal power generator has been in operation at the nearby Kislaya Bay. The testing has apparently been successful and engineers are planning a number of new plants in […] Read more »

Tidal Power | Kaipara Harbour

An application has been made by Crest Energy to construct a marine turbine power generation using tidal power in Kaipara Harbour in northern New Zealand. The project will be made up of 200 submerged marine tidal turbines that will have a maximum generating capacity of 200MW. It’s estimated that when the turbines are fully operational […] Read more »