Biomass | Chateaugay Biomass Power Plant, New York

The Chateaugay Biomass Power Plant produces electricity through the burning of woody biomass that has been sourced from nearby forest sources. The facility is owned and operated by ReEnergy Holdings LLC after it acquired the operation from Boralex Inc in December 2011. The ReEnergy Chateaugay facility has an operating capacity of 20MW and is capable […] Read more »

Biomass | Woodville Renewable Energy Project, Texas

A new biomass power plant has been proposed for construction near Woodville, Texas in Tyler County. The power plant is being developed by East Texas Electric Cooperative (ETEC) and will be a wood-fueled biomass plant that will process wood chips in producing a maximum capacity of 50MW of electricity. The design and construction of the […] Read more »

Biomass | Fourche Creek Treatment Plant, Arkansas

There are a number of ways in which necessary utilities can improve their usefulness and efficiencies with some of them proving to be incredibly innovative. The Fourche Creek Treatment Plant in Arkansas makes use of the natural “products” that are treated every day to produce up to 1.5MW of electricity that it uses to operate […] Read more »

Biomass Power Plants In the United States

Biomass has been and continues to be a viable and sustainable method of producing electricity from renewable resources. When the collection and transport of the biomass fuel is managed properly and the power plant itself runs efficiently it is possible for the production of electricity to be performed relatively cleanly. We are seeing more and […] Read more »

Biomass | Project Apollo Power Plant, Wisconsin

There are plans by developers Alliance Federated Energy to build the Project Apollo biomass power plant in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The proposed plant will have a 40MW capacity and it is hoped that it will be operational in late 2013 whereupon it will be able to produce enough electricity to power 20,000 homes. The biomass plant […] Read more »

Geothermal Energy | Stillwater Hybrid Power Plant

Although this entry has been posted under the Geothermal Energy category, the power plant has developed into virtually a 50-50 mix of both geothermal and solar energy to become a new breed of hybrid. Renewable energy developer Enel Green Power has brought the world’s first hybrid power plant that combines the continuous generation capacity of […] Read more »

Extracting Water From the Air Using Wind Power

The prospect of being able to provide water that is potable for drinking in parts of the world that is in serious need of it is what the Eole Water business is all about. The technology that the company has been developing over the last 8 years or more involves using wind power to create […] Read more »