Wind Power | Hereford 2 Wind Project, Texas

Construction of the Hereford 2 wind power project has begun in Castro County, Texas. The project is being developed by Lincoln Renewable Energy which is a developer of wind and solar projects. The project is a 300 MW wind farm that will be located around 50 miles to the southwest of Amarillo and will connect […] Read more »

Biomass | Pinelands Biomass Project in Allendale and Dorchester

The commercial operations of two power generating facilities falling under the single umbrella known as the Pinelands Biomass project have been achieved. The South Carolina facilities are located in Allendale and Dorchester counties and the projects have been brought to commercial operations by EDF Renewable Energy and Santee Cooper. The two biomass powered generating facilities […] Read more »

Tafila Wind Farm, Jordan Gets Investment From Masdar

A financing agreement has been announced by the Jordan Wind Project Company (JWPC) for construction to begin on a 38 turbine wind farm in the southern governorate of Tafila in Jordan. The wind farm will have a maximum generating capacity of 117 MW. The electricity generated by the facility will be sold to Jordan’s National […] Read more »

Disadvantages Of Solar Energy

We have already examined the many benefits of solar power. We know that there is a very good reason to move away from fossil fuels and that it makes sense to use the energy source that is all around us. But there are also some very real disadvantages to using solar energy too. This cannot […] Read more »

Biomass Energy Pros and Cons

There are a lot of controversies surrounding many of the different types of renewable energy sources. Possibly the most controversial form of renewable energy is biomass energy. In some cases opponents question whether it should be considered renewable, others question whether it reduces carbon emissions. There are many biomass power plants in the USA and […] Read more »

Biomass | Rothschild Biomass Cogeneration Power Plant

The new biomass power plant in Rosthchild, Wisconsin has been commissioned and is producing electricity and steam on the site of the Domtar Corp. paper mill. This power plant has been built by We Energies and has a maximum generating capacity of 50 MW of electricity. The project took more than 2 years to construct […] Read more »

Biomass | Burgess BioPower Plant, New Hampshire

The Burgess BioPower plant is a biomass power plant owned by Cate Street Capital and it is capable of producing 75MW and is located in the city of Berlin, New Hampshire. The facility is being commissioned with a commencement date in December 2013. The facility will give the local area a boost of $25 million a year. […] Read more »

Biomass | Snowflake White Mountain Biomass Power Plant

The small Arizona town of Snowflake in the east of the state has benefitted from the reopening of the Snowflake White Mountain Biomass Power Plant. The Snowflake Power Plant that was first commissioned in 2008 as part of the Catalyst Paper Mill was originally sold and ceased power production in 2010. In 2013 the power […] Read more »

Solar Energy | Westlands Solar Park

The proposed Westlands Solar Park has been planned as a phased development that will be located on around 24,000 acres of land within the Westlands Water District. This places the development in Fresno and Kings Counties. The project will be massive when it is complete and will have a maximum generating capacity of 2,400MW. This […] Read more »

Proposed Photovoltaic Solar Power Plants In the USA

Listed below are the proposed photovoltaic solar power plant projects that have been proposed for construction in the United States. These power plants are currently sitting in a range of different stages of development from the simple concept through the permitting phases and construction stage. In some cases there is significant opposition to the development […] Read more »