Biomass | South Boston Biomass Energy Plant

A new biomass power plant that will use scraps taken from timber harvesting along with grey water from sewage treatment plants to generate power has opened in the town of South Boston, VA. The facility is located on a 104 acre site in the Halifax County Industrial Park. The plant was first turned on to […] Read more »

California Adopts Energy Storage Targets

A decision has been handed down by regulators in the state of California for a requirement that the three largest utilities in the state get technology to store 1,325 MW of electricity from renewable energy by 2020. The three utilities in question are Pacific Gas & Electric, San Diego Gas & Electric and Southern California […] Read more »

Is Leasing Solar Panels A Good Option?

Although we all know that powering our homes using renewable energy, and the chief method is with solar panels, is a great way of doing our bit for the environment. But the cost of solar energy can be a deterrent. The question of whether we can 1) afford it and 2) produce enough solar power […] Read more »