Wind Power| Kingfisher Wind Project, Oklahoma

The Kingfisher Wind Project will be built in central Oklahoma and is expected to be in commercial operation by the end of 2015. The project will be capable of producing up to 298MW of energy and this will be able to supply power for around 100,000 homes each year. The project will be sited in […] Read more »

Plasma Gasification: A Solution For Reducing MSW

Introduction The challenge of reducing municipal solid waste (MSW) which has been filling landfills around the world for years may have yielded a new solution. Plasma gasification can process carbon-based waste into renewable energy and fuels and can do so without harming the environment. This type of technology has been used for years to treat […] Read more »

Biomas | Chowchilla Power Plant, California

The Chowchilla Biomass Power Plant is located in Madera County, Central California and is owned by the Akeida Capital Management Group. In early 2013 the management and operations of the project were awarded to Deltaway Operations Services under a 10 year contract. The Chowchilla facility was first built in the 1980s and was designed to […] Read more »

Biomass | Blackburn Meadows Biomass Power Plant

The Blackburn Meadows biomass power plant in Sheffield, northern England has started generating electricity. The facility is owned and operated by E.ON UK and is the third biomass facility to be owned by the company in the UK. The project cost 120 pounds to bring to the fully commissioned stage and it has a generating […] Read more »

Florida Gulf Stream Tidal Energy Potential Studied

A Memorandum of Understanding has been signed between Swedish ocean and tidal current technology developer Minesto and Florida Atlantic University (FAU) to study the technical, environmental and economic feasibility of its technology in Florida. This study will involve the construction of demonstration plants for commercial use in Florida. The fact that FAU is the home […] Read more »

New England Coast Offshore Wind Leases Announced

There is now more than 742,000 acres of offshore territory off the Massachusetts coast that is available for commercial wind energy leasing after a recent announcement. The announcement was made by Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell and Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) Acting Director Walter Cruickshank along with Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick. This […] Read more »

Icebreaker Offshore Pilot Wind Project

A planned offshore wind farm will be built using a turbine design that will combat the problems posed by ice build up in the shallow waters of Lake Erie. The project is called the Icebreaker Offshore Wind Project and will sit 7 miles off the shore near Cleveland. The Icebreaker project is an 18MW pilot […] Read more »

Humber Gateway Offshore Wind Project

The Humber Gateway Offshore Wind Project is a planned wind farm located 8km off the East Yorkshire coast. The project is expected to cost around £700 million and it will have a total installed capacity of 219 MW and will consist of 73 turbines. When the project has been completed and is commissioned it will […] Read more »