Florida Tidal Turbine Leases Granted for Testing

A new five year lease agreement has been signed between researchers from Florida Atlantic University (FAU) and the U.S. Department of the Interior’s Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM). The purpose of the agreement is to allow testing of small-scale ocean tidal turbines to be undertaken by FAU. Multiple Test Berths As per the agreement […] Read more »

High-Altitude Wind Power: Nature Technology Systems

High-altitude wind power is making it possible to access the consistent wind currents at altitudes that are far beyond those that are accessible with standard tower based turbines. One of the device technologies that is building momentum is kite power developed by Nature Technology Systems and although this technology is largely untested in the commercial […] Read more »

Suction Bucket Foundation Could Reduce Offshore Wind Energy Costs

The set-up costs of offshore wind farms could be drastically reduced thanks to a new piece of technology that has been called the ‘suction bucket’ foundation. The bucket is a means of anchoring offshore wind turbines and has been developed by Universal Foundation of Denmark. An industry trial worth around £6.5 million and hosted by […] Read more »

Investment Funding Provided For Shetland Tidal Array

The success of any new project inevitably comes down to money and the ability to pay for the development and testing. With tidal energy projects this funding is vital due to the lengthy lead time involved. This is why the announcement that Belgian energy company ELSA has committed an investment of £1.85 million to the […] Read more »

Fair Head Tidal Energy Project Announced

The waters off the coast of Fair Head in Northern Ireland could become a source of renewable energy with the proposal to install tidal turbines on the sea bed. The plan, with the project name Fair Head Tidal Energy Project, has been put forward as part of a £400m development plan by Cork-based renewable energy […] Read more »

Dynamic Tidal Power Planned For the China Coast

An economic assessment has been commissioned by the Chinese National Energy Administration to determine the viability of building a Dynamic Tidal Power (DTP) facility off the east coast of China. The facility is ambitious to say the least and will involve the construction of a dam that extends between 60 km and 100 km perpendicular […] Read more »

RivGen Tidal Device To Be Tested In Alaska

The RivGen Power System is a shallow water river turbine with a 25 kW capacity that has been developed by Ocean Renewable Power Co. (ORPC). It has been built with backing from the Alaska Energy Authority and the Denali Commission and will be installed in the Kvichak River in July 2014. The turbine will be […] Read more »