Biomass | Chateaugay Biomass Power Plant, New York

The Chateaugay Biomass Power Plant produces electricity through the burning of woody biomass that has been sourced from nearby forest sources. The facility is owned and operated by ReEnergy Holdings LLC after it acquired the operation from Boralex Inc in December 2011.

The ReEnergy Chateaugay facility has an operating capacity of 20MW and is capable of producing enough electricity to power almost 17,000 homes. The biomass materials that are used as fuel for the facility are primarily green forest residue that would otherwise be left to decompose on the forest floor. However the facility is also allowed to use other types of wood such as treated wood as fuel if necessary.

The Chateagay biomass facility is located near the Canadian border in Franklin County, New York and sells the electricity that is produced to customers such as utilities, energy services companies and municipal co-ops. The electricity that is produced forms a reliable base-load energy that is supplied at a reasonable price.

In February 2012 there was speculation that the facility would be shut down between February and May because of poor market conditions. ReEnergy Holdings made no such announcement.

At this time the Chateaugay Biomass facility is part of a ReEnergy biomass portfolio that includes other facilities across 4 states including other biomass power plants in New York – Black River and Lyonsdale, Maine – Ashland, Fort Fairfield, Livermore Falls and Stratton, Connecticut – Sterling, New Hampshire – Gateway ERRCO Recycling and Gateway LL&S Facilities in Epping and Salem.

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