Biomass | Lufkin Power Plant

Work has started on the construction of the first biomass power plant in the state of Texas. The groundbreaking ceremony for the start of the project has just taken place hosted by Aspen Power in Lufkin, Texas.

The Lufkin Biomass Power Plant will have a maximum capacity to produce 50MW of renewable energy sourced electricity. The facility will be fuelled by 525,000 tons of logging and wood debris each year. It is reported that Lufkin and surrounding areas currently produces up to 600,000 tons of wood waste each year, so the facility will be helping to solve an existing waste problem.

The facility will provide enough power for the city of Lufkin and will provide 160 new jobs for the local community.

Early opposition for the Lufkin Biomass power plant came from members of the local community, but thanks to a public relations campaign by Aspen Power, the residents of Lufkin were reassured as to the benefit to the community and to the low environmental footprint such a biomass facility would leave.

It is expected that construction of the Lufkin Biomass Power Plant will be completed by October 2009.

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