Biomass | Mt Poso Cogeneration Power Plant

The conversion of the Mt Poso cogeneration power plant has been completed by the Mt Poso Cogeneration Company, which is a subsidiary of DTE Energy Services along with the help of Macpherson Energy. This power plant is located in Kern County California and it has been upgraded from the use of coal to 100% biomass fuel.

This power plant is now a 44MW biomass energy power plant that now uses renewable resources to deliver energy to the California grid. The converted power plant operates on biomass fuel that comes from wood waste like the tree trimmings, agricultural waste and construction waste.

The construction of the converted power plant began in November 2010 and this construction continued until the plant began producing clean energy in November 2011.

Water is supplied to the power plant from an oil field that is operated by a subsidiary of Macpherson Energy. It is this water that is heated to produce the steam that drives a turbine generator unit creating the electricity.

As well as producing electricity through renewable sources the power plants emissions will be greatly reduced too compared to the emissions produced by the previous coal-fired plant.

A long term contract of 15 years has been secured by the Mt Poso cogeneration facility with Pacific Gas and Electric.

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