Biomass | Pinelands Biomass Project in Allendale and Dorchester

The commercial operations of two power generating facilities falling under the single umbrella known as the Pinelands Biomass project have been achieved. The South Carolina facilities are located in Allendale and Dorchester counties and the projects have been brought to commercial operations by EDF Renewable Energy and Santee Cooper.

The two biomass powered generating facilities are capable of producing 17.8MW and they have been brought online on November 1 (Dorchester) and November 19 (Allendale).

The projects each use a biomass design with a stoker boiler and a steam turbine generator.  The facility generates electricity by burning roughly 280,000 tons of logging debris per year. Debris will include virgin wood residue, such as tree limbs and woody right-of-way clearings, for a portion of the plant’s biomass fuel source.
They will be capable of producing enough electricity to power about 15,000 homes.

The two facilities will supply their power to Santee Cooper which is officially known as the South Carolina Public Service Authority under 30-year power purchase agreements.

Pinelands Dorchester Power PlantPinelands Dorchester

The project was originally acquired from Southeast Renewable Energy in May 2012 and it has been responsible for the creation of more than 250 construction jobs and there are 38 full-time positions for the ongoing daily operations.

“Biomass is poised to be a key renewable base-load energy resource for South Carolina, and we are pleased to work with Santee Cooper on this excellent opportunity to produce economically attractive renewable energy,” said Tristan Grimbert, President and CEO of EDF RE. “Utilizing wood waste to generate electricity is a proven renewable technology that complements EDF Renewable Energy’s robust portfolio of wind, solar and biogas projects in North America.”

“Santee Cooper was the first utility in the state to deliver electricity to all our customers from new renewable resources 12 years ago,” said Lonnie Carter, Santee Cooper’s President and CEO. “Today represents a new milestone for us and for South Carolina. The partnership forged with EDF Renewable Energy helps advance Santee Cooper’s role as the state’s leader in generating renewable energy.”

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  1. shreyavaidya says:

    Biomass is a key renewable energy source to prevent environmental pollution. As we know that biomass briquettes are made from divested garbage so there is no question arise about pollution.

  2. Lyman Guy says:

    Could cotton stalk woody biomass be used in your Pinelands Biomass Plant in Allendale S.C.?

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