Biomass | Stratton Biomass Power Plant

The Stratton Biomass-to-Energy facility is owned and operated by ReEnergy Holdings LLC, an Albany, N.Y. based renewable energy company. The power plant has a generating capacity of 48 MW and is located in Franklin County, Maine.

The biomass facility has been in operation since 1989 and generates renewable energy from responsibly harvested green forest residue biomass and unadulterated wood. If this material were to be left in place it would be permitted to decompose on forest floors or in urban lots where it would be producing methane gases.

Stratton Biomass Power Plant

The Stratton plant has had a good history of being an efficient wood-fired plant that has an excellent operating history. It is a zero discharge facility and there are no instances of it having difficulty in complying with the plant’s environmental permit requirements.

The plant produces 355,000 MWh of electricity per year and is capable of providing power for 45,000 homes.

The previous owner of the power plant was Quebec-based company Boralex Inc. which acquired the facility in 1998. ReEnergy bought Stratton along with other biomass plants in December 2011. The company also owns and operates the following seven other biomass-to-energy facilities throughout Maine, New York and Connecticut: Ashland, Black River, Chateaugay, Fort Fairfield, Livermore Falls, Lyonsdale and Sterling.

Together the biomass facilities owned and operated by ReEnergy have the capability of producing 296 MW of renewable energy.

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