Geothermal Energy | Stillwater Hybrid Power Plant

Although this entry has been posted under the Geothermal Energy category, the power plant has developed into virtually a 50-50 mix of both geothermal and solar energy to become a new breed of hybrid. Renewable energy developer Enel Green Power has brought the world’s first hybrid power plant that combines the continuous generation capacity of […] Read more »

Geothermal Energy | Potential Geothermal Source At Akutan, Alaska

It may be possible that a new geothermal power plant will be developed in Akutan, Alaska if the electro-magnetic probes being used by a geophysical survey team indicates that a nearby geothermal resource is significant enough to produceinexpensive and reliable geothermal energy. Currently, the city’s power cost is over 32 cents per kilowatt / hour […] Read more »

Geothermal Energy | Carson Lake Power Plant

Nevada Power Co. which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sierra Pacific Resources, have announced that it plans to build a geothermal power plant at Carson Lake, near Fallon. The project is planned to proceed as a joint ownership agreement with Reno company Ormat Technologies. The plant will have a capcity of 30MW which will […] Read more »