Disadvantages Of Solar Energy

We have already examined the many benefits of solar power. We know that there is a very good reason to move away from fossil fuels and that it makes sense to use the energy source that is all around us. But there are also some very real disadvantages to using solar energy too. This cannot […] Read more »

Solar Energy | Westlands Solar Park

The proposed Westlands Solar Park has been planned as a phased development that will be located on around 24,000 acres of land within the Westlands Water District. This places the development in Fresno and Kings Counties. The project will be massive when it is complete and will have a maximum generating capacity of 2,400MW. This […] Read more »

Proposed Photovoltaic Solar Power Plants In the USA

Listed below are the proposed photovoltaic solar power plant projects that have been proposed for construction in the United States. These power plants are currently sitting in a range of different stages of development from the simple concept through the permitting phases and construction stage. In some cases there is significant opposition to the development […] Read more »

Is Leasing Solar Panels A Good Option?

Although we all know that powering our homes using renewable energy, and the chief method is with solar panels, is a great way of doing our bit for the environment. But the cost of solar energy can be a deterrent. The question of whether we can 1) afford it and 2) produce enough solar power […] Read more »

Solar Energy | Approval Granted For Quartzsite Power Plant in Arizona

A proposed 100 MW solar power plant near Quartzsite, Arizona has recently been given the green light by federal government. The proposed project is a concentrating solar power plant that will use SolarReserve’s concentrating solar power technology and, according to the Bureau of Land Management the project could begin construction in 2014 and be operational […] Read more »

Solar Energy | Narmada Canal Solar Project

Some of the best ideas, when it comes to the introduction of relatively new technology comes when it solves a couple of problems at the same time. The idea to cover the Narmada branch canal in Gujurat, India with solar panels is an especially clever one. Not only will the solar power generated from the […] Read more »

Advantages Of Solar Power

Solar energy is still a developing energy with technological advances continually being made to make it more cost efficient and more abundant. Currently it is still a form of electricity that is only used by a minority of households, either as self-contained rooftop installations or on the grid direct from a solar power plant. There […] Read more »

Benefits of Solar Energy

In order to justify why there is so much technological and monetary effort going into solar power and the development of new solar energy facilities it might be worthwhile going over a few of the significant benefits that are achieved from using solar energy. Some of these may seem obvious, some may be debatable and […] Read more »