Solar Energy | Shams 1 CSP Plant

A major Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) plant is being planned for development by Masdar, the Abu Dhabi Future Energy Company. Named Shams1, the CSP plant will have a maximum capacity of 100MW and is expected to cost between $400 – $500 million. The technology used to produce the electricity will be parabolic trough technology and […] Read more »

Solar Energy | Davidson County Solar Farm

A new photovoltaic solar farm has recently begun producing electricity near Lexington, North Carolina. The Davidson County Solar Farm is a project that has been developed by SunEdison and Golden Crescent Investment Group and they have entered a 20 year agreement with Duke Energy who will buy the electricity from the farm. The solar energy […] Read more »

Solar Energy | Stirling Energy Systems Solar Power Plant, California

For what it’s worth I will provide details of the proposed solar power plant that is planned to be built near Victorville, California by Stirling Energy Systems. This is a project that was originally announced back in August 2005 as a thermal solar power plant with a capacity of 500MW, a significant contribution to electricity […] Read more »

Solar Energy | Is Space Solar Energy Worth It?

We have heard the arguments against solar power in the past, particularly the one about how much more expensive it is compared to electricity generated by more traditional fossil fuels. Well how does $1 billion per megawatt sound? Since the 1960s the prospect of generating solar energy from space has been on the drawing board […] Read more »

Solar Energy | Fort Irwin Solar Power Plant

In October 2008 it was announced that a solar power plant was planned at the Fort Irwin base in the Mojave Desert in California. This installation is to have a capacity of 500MW, originally generated from thermal solar power. Further news has just been released regarding the project and a couple of development partners have […] Read more »

Solar Energy | Kimberlina CSP Plant

A new concentrating solar power (CSP) plant has recently gone into operation near Bakersfield, California. The Kimberlina solar power plant has a 5MW capacity and although the size appears small, the facility is significant for solar developer Ausra because it will act as a demonstration of the technology that will be used for the Carrizo […] Read more »

Solar Energy | Rubrene Brings Cheap Solar Power Closer To Reality

Technology advances every day. Recently new properties in a material have been discovered by the physicists at the Rutgers University, which will provide cheaper and better solar cells for the environment friendly power solutions. The discovery will very soon appear in the new issue of Nature Materials journal. It talks about packets of light that […] Read more »

Solar Energy | Palen Solar Power Project, California

Another proposed solar power plant planned for California is coming closer to gaining approval with the California Energy Commission siting committee recommending approval of the Palen Solar Power Project. This solar energy project will result in a 500MW facility to be located around 10 miles east of Desert Center which is about halfway between Indio […] Read more »

Solar Energy | Maharashtra Photovoltaic Solar Project, India

An Indian infrastructure company Lanco Infratech Ltd, under its subsidiary Lanco Solar, along with Germany’s Juwi Holdings have won the contract to build a 75MW solar photovoltaic power plant in the Dhule district of the western Indian state of Maharashtra. This will be the largest solar photovoltaic power plant in the country. The power plant […] Read more »