Wind Power In Arkansas

According to the Natural Resources Defense Council, Arkansas ranks 27th in wind energy potential with an available wind resource of 9,200 megawatts at 80 meters. However the majority of the potential in the state looks as though it is going to remain untapped for some time into the near future. There are a number of […] Read more »

Work Begins on the Chokecherry – Sierra Madre Wind Energy Project

The state of Wyoming is soon going to be doubling the number of wind turbines generating electricity from wind power. And the new turbines will all be part of a single wind power project known as the Chokecherry – Sierra Madre Wind Energy Project. Construction is expected to begin towards the end of 2014 with […] Read more »

Wind Power In Alaska

Like many other states in the US, the energy sources in Alaska come mainly from natural gas and oil. As the reserves start to dwindle away there is a greater interest in the development of energy from natural sources such as wind power. The projects that have been completed to this point have only been […] Read more »

A Look At the Components Of A Wind Turbine

The vast majority of land-based utility-scale wind turbines currently installed in the US range from 1MW to 3MW. These turbines feature rotors with diameters ranging in width from 57 meters out to 114 meters and are perched on top of towers that might vary in height anywhere between 65 meters to 120 meters. The estimated […] Read more »

High Altitude Wind Energy Development

Wind power in its traditional form of wind turbines sitting atop towers has become a mature industry and the improvements to the technology these days largely comes down to designing and building a larger or more efficient wind turbine. But the search for high intensity and consistent winds has been the holy grail in the […] Read more »

Wind Power | Alta East Wind Project

The proposed Alta East Wind Project (AEWP) that is to be constructed near the city of Tehachapi in the Mojave Desert, California is quickly becoming one of the most controversial wind developments in the country. A recent Bureau of Land Management (BLM) decision to approve the development proposal has opened the way for endangered species […] Read more »

Wind Power in Michigan

The table displayed below lists the wind power projects that are developments that are either already in commissioned status and are operating, are currently being constructed or have been planned. All efforts are being made to keep the page updated with the latest developments and new information as it becomes available. Where possible links have […] Read more »

Wind Power | Burgos Wind Project, Philippines

An agreement has been reached by Energy Development Corporation (EDC) to begin construction of the Burgos Wind Project in Hurgos, Ilocos Norte int the Philippines. The project will result in a wind farm with a maximum operating capacity of 87MW consisting of 29 Vestas V90-3.0 MW wind turbines. The initial target is to complete the […] Read more »