Geothermal Energy | Blue Mountain Power Plant – Update

Back on February 13, 2008 it was reported that the Blue Mountain Geothermal Project in Nevada was going to be constructed with a capacity of 37.5MW. Now, thanks to an Engineering, Procurement and Construction Contract (EPC) the power plant will use three Ormat Energy Converters.

The EPC contract increases the power output of each OEC unit to 16.5MW from the originally planned 12.5MW. The power plant has now been given an expected power capacity of 49.5MW.

According to Brian Fairbank, President and CEO of Nevada Geothermal Power, “Ormat’s proven power plant technology combined with Blue Mountain’s favorable reservoir chemistry will extract more megawatt-hours of energy per unit volume of geothermal fluid compared to other available technologies, maximizing the overall megawatt potential for the Blue Mountain geothermal field.”

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