Humber Gateway Offshore Wind Project

The Humber Gateway Offshore Wind Project is a planned wind farm located 8km off the East Yorkshire coast. The project is expected to cost around £700 million and it will have a total installed capacity of 219 MW and will consist of 73 turbines.

When the project has been completed and is commissioned it will be able to generate enough electricity to power as many as 170,000 homes.

Humber Gateway Wind Project DetailsThe project is being developed and will be owned by E.ON Climate and Renewables. As well as the 73 Vestas V112-3.0 MW turbines the project will also involve onshore and offshore cables. These cables are essential components that will bring the electricity to a substation. From here the power can be fed into the National Grid.

There will be around 30km of cabling running underground onshore. In order to step the electricity up before it joins the grid the power will pass through two substations, one onshore and one offshore.

The site covers an area of around 25 square kilometres with the northern boundary running parallel to existing pipelines that run into Easington.

In February, 2014 the project developer announced that a key milestone in the project was reached with the completion of the first phase foundations being successful.

This included twenty four foundations consisting of a tubular steel monopole that were driven into the seabed. These foundation form the bases for the turbines that will follow. A further 49 foundations are to be installed in the next phase of the project.

Humber Wind Farm Control Facility

Another part of the project that is crucial to its success, the facility that will accommodate the Operations and Management Team has been completed Grimsby Fish Dock. This is a £3 million facility that contains offices, stores and the wind farm control room. It has been built with its own solar array, roof top wind turbines and points to allow electric vehicles to be recharged.

The offshore cabling has been laid and all has gone according to plan. These cables are going to connect the offshore substation to the onshore substation. The onshore substation is still under construction at Salt End.

At this stage the project continues to run to schedule with the planned commissioning in 2015 still expected to be met.

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