Wind Power | Alta East Wind Project

The proposed Alta East Wind Project (AEWP) that is to be constructed near the city of Tehachapi in the Mojave Desert, California is quickly becoming one of the most controversial wind developments in the country. A recent Bureau of Land Management (BLM) decision to approve the development proposal has opened the way for endangered species […] Read more »

Biomass | Mt Poso Cogeneration Power Plant

The conversion of the Mt Poso cogeneration power plant has been completed by the Mt Poso Cogeneration Company, which is a subsidiary of DTE Energy Services along with the help of Macpherson Energy. This power plant is located in Kern County California and it has been upgraded from the use of coal to 100% biomass […] Read more »

Wind Power | Windstar Project

The Windstar Project is a wind farm that has been constructed in Tehachapi, California by Western Wind Energy Corp. The wind farm sits on 1,850 acres of land owned by the company and consists of 60 Gamesa G80 and G87 2MW turbines giving the project a maximum generating capacity of 120MW. The company has signed […] Read more »

Solar Energy | Stirling Energy Systems Solar Power Plant, California

For what it’s worth I will provide details of the proposed solar power plant that is planned to be built near Victorville, California by Stirling Energy Systems. This is a project that was originally announced back in August 2005 as a thermal solar power plant with a capacity of 500MW, a significant contribution to electricity […] Read more »

Solar Energy | Fort Irwin Solar Power Plant

In October 2008 it was announced that a solar power plant was planned at the Fort Irwin base in the Mojave Desert in California. This installation is to have a capacity of 500MW, originally generated from thermal solar power. Further news has just been released regarding the project and a couple of development partners have […] Read more »

Solar Energy | Palen Solar Power Project, California

Another proposed solar power plant planned for California is coming closer to gaining approval with the California Energy Commission siting committee recommending approval of the Palen Solar Power Project. This solar energy project will result in a 500MW facility to be located around 10 miles east of Desert Center which is about halfway between Indio […] Read more »