Tidal Energy | OpenHydro Brings Open-Centre Turbine Online

It has been just over a month now, but OpenHydro has successfully connected its Open-Centre Turbine which is sited at the European Marine Energy Centre’s (EMEC) test site to the National Grid.

The single 250kW turbine is powerful enough to supply electricity to 100 homes but it paves the way for a significant tidal power development in the Channel Islands in 2009.

The Open-Centre Turbines that are planned to be deployed next year will each be 1MW and OpenHydro will be in a position to build an array of the devices in Alderney.

The Open-Centre Turbine works by converting the movement of water directly into electricity. OpenHydro’s commercial deployments will be mounted on the seabed where no part of the structure will be visible from the surface and will be deep enough not to interfere with shipping traffic.

Looking further ahead the future looks promising for the device with tenders won by OpenHydro to supply and instal turbines in the Bay of Fundy, Nova Scotia, Canada and Alderney.

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