Tidal Energy News

Deep Green Tidal DeviceJune 26, 2014

Florida Gulf Stream Tidal Energy Potential Studied

A Memorandum of Understanding has been signed between Swedish ocean and tidal current technology developer Minesto and Florida Atlantic University (FAU) to study the technical, environmental and economic feasibility of its technology in Florida.


Small Scale Current TurbineJune 20, 2014

Florida Tidal Turbine Leases Granted for Testing

A new five year lease agreement has been signed between researchers from Florida Atlantic University (FAU) and the U.S. Department of the Interior’s Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM). The agreement opens the way for testing of small-scale turbine prototypes to take place.


Nova 30 Tidal TurbineJune 16, 2014

Investment Funding Provided For Shetland Tidal Array

Belgian energy company ELSA (IDETA) has committed an investment of £1.85 million to the Shetland Tidal Array in a move that should accelerate the implementation of tidal technology across Europe. Moving a step closer to the first in sea tidal array continues to promise to be a significant move forward for the industry.


Fair Head Tidal Energy ProjectJune 12, 2014

Fair Head Tidal Energy Project Announced

The waters off the coast of Fair Head in Northern Ireland could become a source of renewable energy with the proposal to install tidal turbines on the sea bed. The plan, with the project name Fair Head Tidal Energy Project, has been put forward as part of a £400m development plan by Cork-based renewable energy firm DP Energy.


DTP Side View ConceptJune 11, 2014

Dynamic Tidal Power Planned For the China Coast

An economic assessment has been commissioned by the Chinese National Energy Administration to determine the viability of building a Dynamic Tidal Power (DTP) facility off the east coast of China. The facility is ambitious to say the least and will involve the construction of a dam that extends between 60 km and 100 km perpendicular to the Chinese coast.


FloWave Testing TankJune 6, 2014

FloWave Testing Facility Can Increase Tidal Device Development

The FloWave Ocean Energy Research Facility has been inaugurated at Edinburgh University. It consists of a massive testing tank that is capable of simulating waves and currents that will give marine energy developers the opportunity to quickly and safely test their devices in similar conditions to the open sea.


ORPC RivGenMay 30, 2014

RivGen Tidal Device To Be Tested In Alaska

The RivGen Power System is a shallow water river turbine with a 25 kW capacity that has been developed by Ocean Renewable Power Co. (ORPC). It has been built with backing from the Alaska Energy Authority and the Denali Commission.


Nautricity CoRMaT DeviceMay 25, 2014

Nautricity To Deploy Tidal Devices In Scottish Waters

A full scale tidal array in Scottish waters is drawing closer to reality for Glasgow-based renewable energy company Nautricity. Consent has been given by Marine Scotland for the deployment of the first Contra Rotating Marine Turbine device, otherwise known as CoRMaT, in the Irish Sea.


Plas NewyddMay 25, 2014

Historic House Plas Newydd Warmed By Tidal Energy

Tidal energy is being used to convert the currents of the Menai Strait into heating for the Plas Newydd mansion in Anglesey. The National Trust property in North Wales will be equipped with a 300kW pump which will serve to save a significant amount of money in heating oil costs.


Minas PassageMay 23, 2014

Sensor Platform Built to Understand Fundy Tides

A key for the development of tidal power projects in the Bay of Fundy is a better understanding of the powerful tides. This understanding will be substantially improved by an advanced sensor platform that is being built for the Minas Passage.


Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon WalkMay 23, 2014

Local Business Supports Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon

The response from local businesses and residents has been very positive about the proposed six-mile, U-shaped seawall going from Swansea docks to near Swansea University’s new Bay campus on Fabian Way. The economic and regenerative benefits to the bay have been recognised.


AR1500 Tidal TurbineMay 21, 2014

Shetland Seabed Tidal Turbine Generating Electricity

The Nova Innovation designed Nova 30 tidal device has been deployed and is generating electricity in the Bluemull Sound in Shetland. The 30kW device represents a significant step forward in the tidal power industry.


Halcyon Tidal BarrageMay 21, 2014

Secondary Permits Requested For Tidal Power In Cobscook Bay

New preliminary permits have been lodged by Halcyon Tidal Power and Maine Tidal Power for their respective proposed tidal power plants to be considered for approval in Cobscook Bay, Maine.


Swansea Bay Visitor Centre
April 26, 2014

Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon Plan Submitted

A proposed 6-mile seawall in Swansea Bay could produce as much as 240MW of tidal energy at a cost of £850m and be in operation by 2018.


AR1500 Tidal TurbineApril 21, 2014

Lockheed Martin To Enter Tidal Technology With Atlantis Resources

An agreement has been reached between Atlantis Resources and Lockheed Martin for the commencement of the optimization of the production of the AR1500 tidal turbine