Tidal Power | Strangford Lough Produces First Electricity

Back in March we reported the preparation being done at Strangford Lough to test the viability of the SeaGen tidal device. News has recently come through on developments in the tidal power project.

Tidal power has finally being added to the national grid at Northern Ireland’s Strangford Lough. The test of the SeaGen device operated by Marine Current Turbines (MCT) produced enough electricity to power 150 homes and provides a good test for the start of commercial operations in a few weeks time. During this commissioning phase the device was limited to a capability of only 150kW.

When SeaGen moves to commercial operation it will generate 1.2MW of renewable energy and will generate enough electricty to power over 1,000 homes.

Managing director Martin Wright said yesterday: “This is an important milestone for the company and indeed the development of the marine renewable energy sector as a whole.

“SeaGen, MCT, tidal power and the UK Government’s push for marine renewables all now have real momentum.”

Secretary of State for Energy, John Hutton said: “This kind of world first technology and innovation is key to helping the UK reduce its dependency on fossil fuels and secure its future energy supplies.”

You can read the full press release of this momentous event by visiting the website of Marine Current Turbines.

Find out a little more about tidal power and the industry by visiting our Tidal Energy page.

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