Wind Power | Comber Wind Energy Project

The Comber Wind Energy Project is a 165.5MW wind farm that has been developed in Essex County, Ontario. The wind powered facility that has been developed by Brookfield Renewable Energy Partners (BREP) consists of 72 x 2.3MW Siemens turbines.

The turbines that were used in the construction of the facility are the largest available in the North American market and they have a span of 101 meters.

The wind project was constructed by Mortenson Construction and the contracting firm was also responsible for the engineering and construction of the access roads, underground and overhead electrical collection system, 230kV substation, the foundations and the actual erection of the turbines.

The Comber Wind Energy Project sits adjacent to the previously constructed 51MW Gosfield Wind Energy Project and when the two wind farms are combined together they have an installed capacity of 216MW which is enough electricity to power more than 70,000 homes. This makes it the largest installed wind farm in Canada. For more information about the combined projects including fact sheets you can visit the Gosfield and Comber Wind Projects website.

“We are pleased to have continued our long-term relationship with Brookfield to establish a strong portfolio of renewable energy projects in Ontario,” says Mark Donahue, Vice President and General Manager at Mortenson Construction. “Together we have built more than 20 per cent of Ontario’s wind generating capacity.”

It appears that the project has been brought in to commercial readiness on time despite some adverse weather conditions that threatened to delay the construction. This speaks volumes for the work that was done by the contracting company, Mortenson Construction.

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