Wind Power | Crowlands Wind Farm

A new wind farm is being planned for construction at Crowlands in north-western Victoria, Australia. The wind farm will be located on 18 local properties and will bring around $150 million into the local economy through construction, operation and maintenance.

Pacific Hydro has applied to the Victorian Minister for Planning seeking planning approval for the Crowlands Wind Farm. The wind farm will consist of up to 75 x 2.3MW wind turbines that will be located along a ridgeline that runs between Glenlofty and Crowlands.

This means that the capacity could be as high as 172.5MW which would meet the electricity needs of up to 80,000 households. The estimated greenhouse gas emissions that would be avoided through the generation of this much clean electricity is between 380,000 and 520,000 tonnes per year.

At the start of February the planning panel for the Crowlands wind farm heard residents give their thoughts about the project. The panel also inspected the proposed site which is 25km north-east of Ararat.

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