Wind Power | Dunlap Wind Farm, Wyoming

On October 1, 2010 the $260 million Dunlap I wind project in Carbon County, Wyoming near the town of Medicine Bow began producing electricity from the 74 wind turbines that have been installed. The electricity that is produced from the project will be available for use by customers in six states of the United States.

The Dunlap wind farm GE wind turbines have a maximum capacity of 1.5MW each and this gives the project a total generating capacity of 111MW. This means that it is capable of producing enough electricity to power around 32,000 homes each year.

8 to 10 employees will maintain the wind towers on a full-time basis.

A second phase of the project is planned to increase the capacity of the project to 300MW, adding a further 126 wind turbines for a total of 200 towers.

Construction of the plant was carried out by RES Americas while the company that is responsible for bringing the Dunlap wind project online is PacifiCorp. PacifiCorp is responsible for serving 1.7 million customers in Utah, Wyoming and Idaho as Rocky Mountain Power and in Oregon, Washington and northern California as Pacific Power.

Mark Tallman, PacifiCorp vice president of renewable resource acquisition, said his company’s wind portfolio was providing “cost effective” renewable energy for customers.

Mr Tallman said: “Some have mistakenly suggested our wind energy acquisitions in Wyoming are for the purpose of exporting electricity to power-hungry markets in the Southwest or solely to meet the renewable energy requirements of other states.”

“That is far from the truth. In fact, these are cost-effective resources that are needed to help meet our customers’ growing electricity needs in Wyoming and the other five states we serve. These resources have also resulted in valuable Federal tax benefits being passed through to our customers,”

PacifiCorp owns nine operating wind projects in Wyoming, they are:

Foote Creek I Wind Farm
Seven Mile Hill Wind Farm
Seven Mile Hill II Wind Farm
Glenrock Wind Farm
Rolling Hills Wind Farm
Glenrock III Wind Farm
High Plains Wind Farm
McFaddon Ridge I Wind Farm
Dunlap I Wind Farm

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