Wind Power | Fowler Ridge Wind Farm Phase II

Early in 2010 the second phase of the Fowler Ridge Wind Farm, consisting of 133 GE 1.5MW wind turbines, became operational. This added a further 200MW of capacity to the original 400MW that became operational in 2009.

The planned total capacity of the project when all phases have been completed is expected to reach 750MW of capacity. This is according to the owners of the development BP Alternative Energy North America Inc and Dominion Resources.

The second phase of the Fowler Ridge Wind Farm is capable of powering up to 50,000 homes and the project also involves 40 miles of underground collection cabling and a 345kV transmission line to a 345kV project substation.

The reported cost of this part of the project is said to have been $77.2 million.

The power from the second phase of the project has been sold under four long-term contracts, each of which is for 50MW. The contracts were signed with operating units of American Electric Power and with Vectren Energy Delivery of Indiana.

There is further reading available if you wish to find out more about the Fowler Ridge Wind Farm – Phase I.

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