Wind Power | Hereford 2 Wind Project, Texas

Construction of the Hereford 2 wind power project has begun in Castro County, Texas. The project is being developed by Lincoln Renewable Energy which is a developer of wind and solar projects. The project is a 300 MW wind farm that will be located around 50 miles to the southwest of Amarillo and will connect into the Sharyland Utilities Windmill substation.

The project is the second part of the Hereford Wind Project with phase 1 consisting of 200MW. The Hereford 1 project has been acquired by EDF Renewable Energy and this acquisition deal included an option to also acquire the second phase. This will give the entire Hereford 1 and 2 projects 500MW capacity.

EDF Renewable recently secured a 200MW turbine deal with GE which amounts to 108 turbines with a 1.85MW rating.

The wind farm is located in a competitive renewable energy zone (CREZ), one of several geographic areas identified by the Public Utilities Commission of Texas (PUCT) to encourage wind power development and connect them to large cities with high electricity demands via new transmission lines.

“The start of construction of Hereford 2 project marks the continuation of a very successful year for Lincoln Renewable Energy,” said Philip Moore, VP of Development at Lincoln Renewable Energy. “To date we have commenced construction on 30 MW of solar and 500 MW of wind power projects in California and Texas.”

Moore added, “We are particularly pleased to see another CREZ-enabled project commence construction and congratulate the PUCT and transmission providers on the continued success of CREZ in bringing low cost, clean energy to Texas customers and providing economic development in the wind-rich Texas panhandle.”

Partnering Lincoln Renewable Energy in the development of the second phase is Dallas-based developer Higher Power Energy LLC. The company was also involved in the first phase of the project.

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