Wind Power | Michigan Wind 2 Wind Project

The Michigan Wind 2 Project has been commissioned by Exelon Wind in Minden City, Michigan. This wind farm consists of 50 Vestas Wind Systems turbines and has a maximum generating capacity of 90MW. It represents the first commercial wind project to have been developed by Exelon Wind.

As well as producing electricity for more than 30,000 homes in the area the wind farm is also going to be generating over $12 million in revenue for the area through local tax payments over a period of 20 years.

The developer has been purchasing wind projects over eight separate states and has a portfolio of over 750MW. The wind generation that the company owns in Michigan has now been increased to 212MW with the completion of this project. The project is located southeast of the already operational 46 turbine Michigan Wind 1 project in northern Sanilac and Huron counties. Exelon Wind also operates Harvest I Wind in Elkton, Michigan. In early 2012, Exelon Wind will begin construction on Harvest II Wind, a 59.4 MW project in nearby Pigeon, Michigan.

“We’re excited to bring Michigan Wind 2 online. The clean generation from this project will help Michigan meet its renewable energy goals, it will provide clean energy for over 30,000 homes and brings significant economic benefits to the local community,” said David Drescher, Vice President Wind Energy for Exelon Power.

Exelon Wind is a division of Exelon Power, which owns and operates Exelon’s renewable, hydroelectric and fossil power plants. Consumers Energy, based in Jackson, Michigan, is purchasing the output from Michigan Wind 2 through a 20-year renewable energy purchase agreement.

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