Wind Power | Windstar Project

The Windstar Project is a wind farm that has been constructed in Tehachapi, California by Western Wind Energy Corp. The wind farm sits on 1,850 acres of land owned by the company and consists of 60 Gamesa G80 and G87 2MW turbines giving the project a maximum generating capacity of 120MW.

The company has signed a $204.5 million power purchase agreement with Southern California Edison to supply the output from the farm. It is planned that the project will be brought online in two stages with the first 106MW commencing by December 2011 and the last 14MW to be commercially operational in February 2012. At the time of writing this the last of the second phase of turbines have been erected and it is looking very likely that the project is on track for the expected completion date.

When the first phase of the project became operational it effectively doubled Western Wind’s operational wind energy capacity.

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